Sunday, July 29, 2007

Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, and more

Part 2 of this comedy dialog at BBC 7 on Friday (so on for another 7 days):

Moths Ate My Dr Who Scarf
Toby Hadoke's journey as a Doctor Who obsessive continues. Will Doctor Who return to our screens and help Toby find happiness? Episode 2 of 2.

The official radio show of the popular American program Heroes starts on Saturday.
Heroes: The Official Radio Show
Analysis of the first episode of Heroes on BBC2, and a chance to give your thoughts and hear the insights of other fans. Episode 1 of 20.

I've been very remiss in the last few weeks in not updating Journey Into Space - or listening to it either, for that matter...

Journey into Space
The World in Peril: Jet and the crew race against time with threadbare resources to get their broadcast done. Episode 17 of 20.

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