Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The News Stalker added to The Thunder Child

I get a lot of press releases, from CD companies promoting their new releases, to authors their new books, to conventions their latest gathering times.

And up until now I've been a bit remiss in sharing this vital info with my readers.

But all that's going to change.

I'm adding a new feature to The Thunder Child called The News Stalker (named in honor of Darren McGavin and his iconic reporter creation, Karl Kolchak) which will be an index page leading to all the press releases I receive.

So , in a sense, a bit lazy on my part, but actually it makes sense. I simply don't have the time to write an article about each press release I receive, so I will simply let the press releases themselves do the job - after all, that's what they're for!

I'll give the URL here when the section is ready.

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