Sunday, March 04, 2007

Science fiction on BBC 7

A chilling new drama finds Laura and Miles trapped between the centuries in a spiral of ghostly terror. With Jean Alexander. [Rptd Sun 12.00am].

Space Hacks

Mutiny on the Spaceship: Sci-fi comedy starring Dan Mersh, Tim Key, Prunella Scales and Dan Tetsell. Episode 4 of 4

I dont' like horror, so I won't be listening to Ralph to find out if its sci fi/horror or fantasy/horror. There will be a lot of new sf on BBC7 in the coming month, in a program headlined Bloodlines, but it all sounds like it's got an extra theme of horror to each one so I won't be listening.

Blood Lines
The Dweller In High Places: A brand new story by award-winning author Susanna Clarke launches Blood Lines, a series showcasing new short story writers.
Fresh Blood
A Fare to Remember: London cabbie James picks up a fare to his own patch - but then it all gets a little too close to home.

Simon Bovey - writer of The Voice of God and Cold Blood, has agreed to do an interview with The Thunder Child, so stay tuned for that!

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