Saturday, March 10, 2007

Heinous crime!

In the news article about Busta Rhymes being refused admittance to New York:

Police say he's driven with a suspended license, beaten his former driver in a dispute over money, and talked on a cell phone while driving.

I wonder which of the three his fans consider the most heinous crime.

I mean - please. Talked on a cell-phone while driving? Is that a felony now?

Seems to me the guy's a jerk - not that I like rappers anyway but his bodyguard is murdered and he refuses to cooperate with the police. He drives with a suspended licence - then why isn't he in jail for that? He beats up his former driver...why isn't he in jail for that.

But worst of all....he talked on a cell phone while driving! Was this before or after his license was suspended?

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