Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Booklist for March

Here's a list of the books I checked out of the library to read in March... I don't have time to read any of them but the hope is there...

Beneath the Metropolis, by Alex Marshall
"A fascinating examination of 12 of the world's greatest cities via the hidden world beneath our feet."
Detailed are New York, Chicago, San Francisco. Mexico City, Paris, Rome, London, Moscow, Tokyo, Cairo, Beijing and Sydney.

I'm surprised Seattle isn't included since apparently it's a city built on top of another city...but maybe Kolchak: The Night Strangler lied about that....

Our Country, Right or Wrong: The life of Stephen Decature the US Navy's Most Illustrious Commander, Leonard F. Guttridge

Jamestown: The Buried Truth: From the lead archaeologist who unearthed the secrets of America's birthplace. William M. Kelso
I've been reading up on Jamestown as 2007 is the 400th anniversary of its founding, and I live about 30 minutes away from it.

The Intellectual Devotional: Revive Your Mind, Complete Your Education and Roam Cnfidently with the cultured class.
365 pages, each with a piece of information on one of 7 subjects: History, Literature, Visual Arts, Science, Music, Philosophy, Religion

and a fiction book

Blindsight, by Peter Watts
2 months since 65,000 alien objects circled the something is approaching
(a very brief, truncated description - it sounds interesting though so if you're into sci fi, check it out from your local library.

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