Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Avengers Forever

Oh, I am so bummed.

Three years ago, when I had a heckuva lot more time than I do now, I wrote several Avengers short stories, featuring John Steed and Emma Peel. Once of thse was a serial called Avengers Forever, or Die Hardest, and took place in the present day. John Steed, age 80, lives in a retirement home in a seaside community. He's scheduled to be visited on his birthday by all his old colleagues, but events happen and so it is only he and Emma Peel who are on board a navy ship when it is hijacked by villains. So, they're needed once again.

And that's where the story - that I found at fanfiction.net where I'd uploaded it three years ago, ends.

And I know - I know - that I wrote at least three more chapters, where the news of the hijacked ship gets out, and Tara King, Cathy Gale, and Mike Gambit and Purdey learn of it and abandon all to hasten to England to save the day, while Steed and Emma work on the ship. I can remember writing those three chapters, I remember the highlights of the events that happened - but I can't find them! (I have a new computer - and the old computer I used to work on had a harddrive failure so everything's gone..)

So I have to rewrite these chapters, and I hate to do it because I know the previous ones were good...and they were written when I was fresh and in top form, fiction-writing wise. Now I'm out of practice...can I take up the reins again and remember what I was trying to do??

Damn! Damn! Damn!

I'd actually forgotten about this story. I had put together all my other fan fiction - completed fan fiction - yesterday into a PDF. Then I was reading my email which was cluttered with spam which I hadnt' done anything with for a month. So I spent a while deleting spam, and found an email from someone from a month ago telling me she'd read this story at fanfiction net and did I plan to continue it because it was really good.

So I went to fanfiction net and downloaded the chapters and re-read them - and yes, they are good! I really, really wish I hadn't lost those other three chapters...

Anyway, for those who want to see what's already done check out:

Two Such People

and stay tuned in a couple of days - I hope - for the complete Avengers Forever.

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