Saturday, March 24, 2007

Booklist: March 24, 2007

I went to my local library today and as is my habit, checked out a ton of books even though I don't have time to read more than one or two of them. I guess I hope the information in the rest of them will seep into me via osmosis...

I was at a different library today - but in the same region for my library card. Both my libraries are small 'sub' libraries with perhaps 20-30 books on each non-fiction subject - across the whole range of the subject, not on each discipline *in* a usually there is slim pickings and I get most of my books through interlibrary loan.

But, I hadn't browsed through this library before and saw plenty of interesting books, but contented myself with only a few:

Women of the Air, Judy Lomax, 1987 - history of women pilots, balloonists, etc.
Women in Space, Carole S. Briggs, 1999
Women With Wings, Jacqueline McLean, 2001
----common thread here being of course female pilots. Astronauts, etc. I'll be compiling a database of these women for Gale Force - the website for Avengerous women that I hope to launch one day....

Miss Leavitt's Stars, George Johnson, 2005 - biography of Henrietta Leavitt, the female "computer" who "discovered how to measure the universe."

Great Feuds in Science : Ten of the Liveliest Disputes Ever. Hal Hellman. 1998.

Between Ocean and Bay: A Natural History of Delmarva - selected not only because it's about an area in Virginia (where I live) but because I'm also interested in oceanography and geology...

So hopefully if I structure my time right in the next week I can both read and compile info from all these books.

Oh, and I also got 2 kids sci fi books, one a Norby book by Janet Asimov and another a sort of American 'Lion, Witch, Wardrobe' book (but without the subtext), as I hope to review them for The Thunder Child.

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