Monday, March 26, 2007

The Day of the Triffids - complete

Begins on BBC Radio 7 on Monday, March 26, 2007. (Repeat from years ago)

Day of the Triffids
Produced in Belfast
Read by Roger May
Produced by Susan Carson

As the installments air I'll add to this page, and also put in cast details.

Episode 1 of 17.
Bill Masen wakes up in hospital to find that the world he knew will never be the same again.

Episode 2 of 17.
Bill remembers how the Triffids first came to England and why.

Episode 3 of 17.
Bill wonders if the Triffids are more intelligent than people think.

Episode 4 of 17.
Bill is shocked at what he finds in London but manages to rescue a girl from danger.

Episode 5 of 17.
Josella and Bill are horrified at what they find back at Josella's home.

Episode 6 of 17.
Bill gets to know Josella better and things begin to improve for them.

Episode 7 of 17.
Bill and Josella join the group at the University.

Episode 8 of 17.
Bill and Josella agree with the group's ideas for the future of their community.

Episode 9 of 17.
Bill does his best to help his blind group but conditions get progressively worse.

Episode 10 of 17.
Bill goes back to the University to locate Josella, but it isn't her that he finds there.

Episode 11 of 17.
Bill and Coker find part of the original group. However Josella isn't with them.

Episode 12 of 17.
Bill and Coker check out of Tynsham and start out to find the rest of the University group.

Episode 14 of 17.
Bill is determined to find Josella and brings Susan with him.

Episode 15 of 17.
Bill works hard to make a new home for his new family. Roger May reads John Wyndham's sci-fi thriller.

Episode 16 of 17.
Bill and Josella take a trip to the beach where they have a first glimpse of help to come.

Episode 17 of 17.
A visitor to Shirning threatens Bill's family and their future together.

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