Tuesday, August 08, 2006

8/8: Interviews

I've got a lot of interviews to do, and don't have the energy to do them. Struggling with a debilitating headache today.

So, since I can't think, I'm surfing the web. I'm also listening to Atomic Tales from BBC7:

Night of the Cicadas: The cicada is a friendly chirruping insect but what if it grew to vast size and hungered for human flesh? Episode 6 of 6.

I've revised my opinion of these episodes - they're farces or satires of American 50s sci fi movies and American culture...they're pretty amusing, actually.

I've always had the intention to have science articles at The Thunder Child, so now I'm working on a Dinosaur section - including bibliographies and book reviews. Also started up a new message list to discuss dinosauria. Started out well - 7 people signed up in one day... but of course they don't post and no one's signed up since. Typical!

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