Friday, August 25, 2006

8/25 Quite a fright

A few minutes ago I tried to log onto my site and was unable to do so. I waited a few minutes and tried again - usually I can *then* get in. This time I couldn't. Nothing was showing up. But instead of saying "This site temporarily unavailable," I wasn't getting anyting except a list of my sites from an AOL search engine. I waited a few more minutes and tried again. Same result.

So frankly I thought my site had been shut down because some psycho had accused me of spamming. (I *don't* spam, but there are at least two psycho women who think posting the URL of a sci fi-devoted webzine, on a sci fi-devoted newsgroup, is spamming. This despite the fact that it says clearly in the FAQ that such posts are allowed.)

Anyway, just tried again and the site seems to be back up. So I am heartily relieved because I was just boiling with anger.

But, now I have to spend the rest of the day packing so I can return home to the States tomorrow. It's a dreary day outside, raining...but all of a sudden my mood has gone bright!

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