Thursday, August 24, 2006

8/24 : Jon Pertwee on Listen Again!

Jon Pertwee

(Also see Radio Drama)

For years fans have hoped that Universal would finally release some more of their golden age 50s science fiction films, especially Jack Arnold’s 1955 classic, Tarantula. The wait is finally coming to an end as Universal Home entertainment just unveiled The Classic SciFi Ultimate Collection which will be released on September 19.

The DVD set will contain “Tarantula, The Mole People, The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Monolith Monsters and Monster On The Campus. Universal has not yet revealed exact details about each of the films, such as special features, but with a low $19.98 sticker price, I would not expect too much in terms of extras.

Radio Drama
Meanwhile, Part 3 of The Destruction Factor is airing on BBC7. It's a good story. I won't bother to post the plot blurb here, however, because it's a generic one that doesnt' mean anything!
Beginning with the Sept issue of The Thunder Child I'll be posting synopses of all these BritSciFi episodes, with cast lists, etc.

Journey Home
Two more full days here...on Saturday I leave for home. I got accomplished about 1/10th of what I wanted to do. There are extenuating circumstances, nevertheless I'm disappointed. I've had a great time here...but it should have been so much more.

Life lesson for the day
Your time is precious. Even if you feel healthy as a horse now...illness and/or old age has a way of creeping up on you. Better to accomplish as many things as you can when you're young...

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