Tuesday, August 29, 2006

8/29: The Unforgiving Minutes

Well, it' s Tuesday and I'm feeling better, but I've got a lot of work to do.

One, I have to find a new reviewer. My current reviewer - who writes very good stuff - is not that great when it comes to communication. He had five books sent to him from a new publisher last month, and didn't review a single one. Now it's 3 days until the end of this month, and I haven't heard from him since the beginning of this month...and frankly I've had enough. I really dislike it when I send several emails to people requesting nothing more than a time frame for work completed, and am ignored. I expect he'll send me a few reviews at the very end of the month, but he won't be getting any more material from me, and I can only hope my relationship with the marketing person of this publisher has'nt been/won't be damaged by the late arrival of the reviews.

So if there's anyone reading this who has a wide-ranging knowledge of science fiction and would care to start reviewing books, games, soundtracks, etc - email us!

I myself am tardy on some of my interviews...ill health sucks! - but now I shall get my girdle in gear and go to work.

One thing I've missed over the last 3 months is the movies...I have yet to see Monster House...so I'll be scanning the papers to see if there's still any sci fi around that I can go see...

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