Friday, August 11, 2006

8/11: Interviews and Good sites

The interview with Joe Moe, personal assistant to Forry Ackerman, is complete - although Joe is still looking for photos to accompany the interview. It's not about Forry - it's about Joe's work as a theme park designer. Not a lot of sci fi content there, but heck, I publish what I think is interesting!

Joe and Forry are still working on Forry's interview questions.

Steve Vertlieb, one of the King Kong (1933) mavens, is also doing an interview.

Sci Fi site of the day

I've been listening to Deep Station Emerald at BBC Radio 7 and it is disappointing. Made in 1996...and they've got military men flushing guns out of an airlock so that no one on the station - where murders are taking place - can have a gun. Stupid stupd stupid. Oh well, I'll listen to the final episode tomorrow because I do want to know 'whodunit' but it is a disappointment.

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