Sunday, August 13, 2006

8/13: This and that

Episode 4 of Journey Into Space is now online at BBC Radio 7.

They're going to re-run The Voice of God next week, but a few 'new' sci fi shows seem to be in the offing.

I'm working on an article for The Thunder Child listing all of British radio's sci fi offerings. It'll be a work in progresss, as I'll be compiling it from BBC Radio 7 website, etc. The difference between this article and what's already on the net will be I'll provide reviews, better listings of actors and creative people, etc.

Lots of sci fi in the offerings at Designated Proofreaders, but it's in the limbo stage...I'm still waiting for it to be released so I can get my little eyes on 'em.

Turns out John W. Campbell's letters - some of 'em, anyway, have been collected into book form. When I get back to the States I'll order it from

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