Thursday, February 04, 2010

Virus Makers Should Be Shot

And I'm completely serious about that.

A few days ago I got the Anti-virus Live virus on my computer. I managed to get rid of it on my own (wihtout having to take it in to a professional who charges money) but my computer has never been tbe same since.

I tried to play a game called Luxor the other day, that I quite enjoy, for all that I haven't played it in several months. First the screen went white, then black, after I restarted the computer told me I'd had a serious system error. Was it the after effects of the Virus, or was it something than at application called Spyware Doctor did? (I had downloaded Spyware Doctor because its website said it was free. After it's downloaded and runs a system check and tells me it has found 500 potential threats, it says I have to buy it before it can remove those threats.

Now - I'm not above buying a program, but when I've been told on its very website that it's free, then hit up for a charge after I've downloaed it, I resent that. I left it on the computer for a few days, just in case I changed my mind about purchasing it, but its ever-present scanning slowed down my system ridicuously, and I'm pretty sure contribguted to the failure of Luxor. So I got rid of it this morning.

What with one thing and another, I'm way behind on various today is a busy day of work and I hope my computer problems are behind me.

But here me now and pay attention to it later...anyone who kills a virus maker who has me on the jury will find me very sympathetic to their justifiable homicide.

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