Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Crazies comic books

The Thunder Child is a science fiction and fantasy webzine, and does not usually deal with horror. However, Matt Sanborn, whom we recently interviewed about his Call of Cthulu role playing books, has gracious consented to become our horror reviewer.

His review of the movie short Pickman's Model will be uploaded shortly, and within a few days we'll have his review of two The Crazies comic books.

The Crazies is a horror movie that will be making its debut on Feb 26. Here's the movie maker's explanation of the comic books:

Making a movie involves a series of compromises imposed by that most dreaded of enemies...time. These compromises comie in two forms: the limited time of the shoot, imposed by the budget, and the limits of precious screen time. The four enclosed comic books [hey, I only received two in your promo package!] offer an exciting way to expand our film's universe and thereby break the bonds of our screen time limitations.

The goal of the comic books is to offer four unique and original stories, each told from the point of view of one of these scondary characters. Each of the books is named after one of the interconnecting waterways that serve as both the town's water supply and the accidental delivery system of the toxin.

Stay tuned for the reviews.

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