Monday, February 15, 2010

So Much To Do, So Little Time

I received Peter H. Brother's Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men: The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda a couple of days ago, and will be reviewing that very shortly.

I've started a new blog, in which I review the blogs of people who offer them for subscription via the Kindle (99 cents a month to have the blog delivered to your Kindle, and you get full text and photos, as opposed to free RSS feeds which don't give you photos, and can truncate text.) $12 a year to get material delivered to your Kindle, which saves time and prevents procrastination by doing web surfing after checkign blogs...what could be better? (That blog is at - and I may be expanding it shortly to include reviews of blogs that don't bother with trying to get in on the Kindle craze... so if you've got a blog you'd like reviewed, email me).

And of course I have to watch the Olympics.

Nevertheless, many new and intersting articles should be ready for The Thunder Child Science Fiction and Fantasy webzine shortly!

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