Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Check out my Kindle Blog Report

If you've got a Kindle, you might be interested in my Kindle (blog) Report.

I'd originally been going to use it to do reviews of Kindle books, but there are a few blogs that already do that, and so I decided that my niche would be the blog.

The blogs on offer are divided into ten different topics:
Arts & Entertainment
Business & Investing
Humor & Satire
Industry Focus
Internet & Technology
Lifestyle & Culture
News, Politics & Opinion
Regional & Travel

Now, each of these blogs is available for free on the web, of course, but what the Kindle does is deliver each day's blog entry straight to your Kindle. This works fine for those blogs that are mostly text, with photos. But youtube video don't render, and its a pain if the blog entries consist of a first paragraph and then a "read more" link, because since the kindle doesn't have a touch screen, you need to use the five way controller to inch your way up to the link, click on it, then wait for your wireless to turn on and the relevant webpage to load. So I never recommend blogs like that.

It's brand new, only seven blogs reviewed to date, but in order to give my readers some good content to go through, I'll review at least five blogs a day from now one.

And I've put up a webpage that lists each blog I review, in one of the ten appropriate categories, so that you can have a quick overview of what's available.

Most blogs cost 99 cents a month (or $12 a year) to deliver to your Kindle. But it saves time, and thus at least $12 a year, to have them delivered this way, so you don't have to waste time going to the blogs site on the computer - and on your way, getting sidetracked by other stuff on the web!

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