Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Number 7 Looks Just Like You

Okay...this isn't an entry on science fiction per se, or the Twilight Zone episode "Number 7 Looks Just Like You," I am just so sick of being bombarded by TV commericals where skeletally thin women tout the use of diet drugs like Hydroxy Cut, or Weight Watchers and Jenny Craid tout their services (at least Valerie Bertinelli and...the new woman she's partnered with...have curves!)

Then there's Yahoo News and other gossip site on the internet, where people get all hot and bothered about the clothing the female actresses wore to some function ("Best and Worst Dressed at the Emmies, Lady GaGa's Style Mistake), crap like that.

Then, because I watch crime dramas like CSI on the Spike Channel, I have to see these revolting commericals for series like Blue Mountain State, and it just makes me think...the coarsening and dumbing down of America is complete.

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