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Stingray: Plant of Doom

Sringray: Plant of Doom

Stingray is the 1964-1965 marionette series by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. Stingray is a submersible for the World Aqua Security Patrol, who fights a variety of aquaphibians to keep the surface world safe.

Plant of Doom was aired in the second year, on May 23, 1965, although it was the second episode filmed.

The under water city of Titanica

The throne room of King Titan of Titanica.

King Titan asks Teufel how he can obtain revenge on his slave Marina, who has dared to betray him by escaping.

Teufel thinks, and then responds.

A beautiful plant materializes. But it is deadly. It sucks the air out of a room.

Marina, sitting looking out over Marineville, is sad. (Marine's face is based on that of Brigitte Bardot)

Troy Tempest (facial features based on James Garner) decides he will take Marina to home, Pacifica.

Apparently, Marina can't write, either. By gestures, she indicates where Pacifica is located.

The Stingray travels past this mysterious island.

The home of Surface Agent X2O.

X20 contacts King Titan, and relates that Stingray has sailed past. He is summoned to Titanica.

X2O's ship. He is to take the flower to Pacifica, and give it to Marina's father. Titan will send out a Robot Ship to delay Stingray.

The command console in X2O's ship.

The Robot Fish attacks Stingray.

Troy takes evasive action.

Aquastingers from Stingray destroy the Robot ship.


X2O brings the flower as a gift to Pacifica, and tells him that his daughter, Marina, is coming. X2O then leave.

Stingray arrives at Pacifica.

The doorway to the throne room opens.

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