Monday, August 31, 2009

The wrong Outer Limits on Sci Fi Channel today

Or Syfy as they now style themselves for some stupid reason. I suppose to point out the fact that now instead of showing good SF TV shows and good SF movies, they make their own crap horror movies to show most of the time.

Anyway, checked out the Channel via the Guide feature, and got a thrill to see that they were showing several episodes of The Outer Limits.

Hopes came crashing down as it turned out they would not be of the classic series, but rather of the 2000 version. Yeah, I suppose those eps would be worth watching as well, but I would really have preferred to have people get a chance to see the original "The Inheritors" starring Steve Ihnat and Robert Duvall. And of course to add insult to injury, they're not even showing the remake of "The Inheritors", which removes the meteorite bullets and exchanges them for just actual fragments of a meteorite that strike around a few people and hit a few certain select ones.

Give me the original any day of the week. Please!

(And yes, it, and all original Outer Limits episodes are available on DVD from, or downloadable for $1.99 each from Amazon Unbox (now called Video on Demand.)

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