Monday, August 10, 2009

Daniel Boone added to Steve Ihnat site

Daniel Boone ran for 4 seasons, and starred Fess Parker as Boone, Patricia Blair as his wife Rebecca, and Ed Ames as Mingo.

In this particular episode, Boone and wife are heading out via carriage for a honeymoon, when a courier comes to Boone asking for help. He is shot (by you know who) before he can say much. Boone leaves his wife behind and rides for New Orleans. You know who, and his co-hort, befriend Mrs. Boone and travel with her.

In New Orleans, you-know-who is to kidnap Mrs. Boone, to make Daniel do as they want. (When Daniel is told of this by chief baddy, played by Alan Napier, he asks, you only sent one man? and when he receives an affirmative, he is not worried at all.)

At first Steve pretends that Daniel has an accident and wants her to come, but Rebecca is too smart for him. Then Steve just orders her to come along. Rebecca pulls out a gun, but Steve looks at her with amused condescension. He doesn't believe she'll have the nerve to pull the trigger.

She does.

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