Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why See A Movie When You Can See the Trailer?

I went to see Julie & Julia yesterday, and quite enjoyed it. I'm not a cook myself, but I grew up when Julia was in her heyday, and I always enjoyed her shows. And I thought the blog story with Amy Adams was good too.

But what annoyed me, as usual, were the trailers. Three minute trailers, or however long they were, that seemed to tell the entire movie in that three minutes. For example they're making a remake of The Stepfather. A movie I never saw when it originally came out, and now they're doing it again, and of course there's no doubt the guy's a psychotic killer. Thanks - I'll pass.

Then there's The Lovely Bones. Why anyone would want to read a book in which a rape/murder victim narrates her story while the rest of her family gets on with their lives is beyond me. Why anyone would want to make a movie of it...or go to see such a movie? Blech, blech, blech.

We live in a scary world. I'd rather see our theaters - and TV screens - filled with uplifting material, material that will change people's lives for the better. No, I'm not talking about religous type stuff, but bring back the days of The Virginian, or Gunsmoke, when heroes were heroes. Cartoons like Jonny Quest are needed, not crap like Spongebod Squarepants. As for the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which my 9 year old nephew watches - gag me with a spoon.

Let Joy and Innocence Prevail

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