Friday, August 14, 2009

Holy Inept Interviewer!

Well, that may be a harsh judgement, but I'm a bit annoyed right now....

Sent off for a copy of Starlog 149, which had an interview with Yvonne Craig, who of course is most famous as Batgirl and as Marta in Steve Ihnat's episode of Star Trek, "Whom Gods Destroy."

Because let's face it, it was Ihnat's episode!

And so I was hoping, and indeed, expecting, that Ms. Craig would talk about him in her interview. But although the interviewer asks her about Nimoy, and Shatner, not word one about Ihnat, who killed her, after all!

I'd really like to know if the interviewer just didn't think to ask her this very important question, or if her comments were edited out for space but either way it's most annoying. According to Tom Weaver (Starlog interviewer extraordinaire), in her biography Ms Craig calls Ihnat a "dear friend," so you'd think shed have shared something about him in that interview!

However, she does reveal some of the background of the making of the episode, so I'll be able to use that in the article I'm writing. Neverthless, it's disappointing.

Also received my copy of Strike Me Deadly today. A low budget film made by Ihnat with friend Gary Clarke, written by Ihnat and director/producer Ted Miklos. It's kind of fun, for all that I've got the sound turned off and am just watching the action out of the corner of my eye while I work on my computer.

Actually, on my left hand side I've got Strike Me Deadly going on my laptop, on my right hand side I've got Ghost Town with Ricky Gervais going on my regular TV set with DVD player, and in the middle I've got my computer where I really should be doing some "real" work for one of my clients, instead of the work I want to do, which is on my THunder Child webzine...

I'll procrastinate for 10 more minutes and then get to work...

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