Saturday, August 22, 2009

Starlog #1, August 1976

Soon to be added to The Thunder Child will be information on every SF magazine we possess in our library, to enable researchers to ask questions about an article, an interview, a quote, and so on. We'd also like to create a network of people who have magazines we don't have, so that their info can help others as well.

We begin with what's in Starlog 1, published in August 1976 by O'Quinn Studios. Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise are on the cover.

Log Entries (upcoming movies, tv, media, etc):
The Man Who Fell to Earth, starring DAvid Bowie.
At The Earth's Core, starring Doug McClure and Peter Cushing
Logan's Run completed
SF Expo 76 in New York
Start of production of Meteor.
First annual Star Trek Exposition of Washington DC planned for July 9-11, 1976
When Worlds Collide to be remade
Wonder Woman lives!
Space: 1999 - two vinyl records released
SF Academy Awards
Bernard Hermmann recordings to be released

The Bionic Woman: Creating a Cycorg for the 70s, by Isobel Silden
Space: 1999: Eadical Changes for the 2nd Season, by David Houston
Battle of the Titans: Two New Kongs Challenge the King, by Gary Girani
Squirm: Importing Giant Worms for Maximum Slither, by Kerry O'Quinn
Star TRek: Past, Present and Future, by David Houston
Special Collectors Section - Star Trek in Color (photos of a few episides)
The Conventions as Asimov Sees Them, by Isaac Asimov
William Shatner: Shakespeare to the Stars, by Kirsten Russell
Leonard Nimoy: The Man Between the Ears, by I. K. Lindquist
Complete Guide to Star Trek episodes (brief synopses)

Star Teasers - Puzzles & Word Games:
Star Trek anagrams
Supply the Cation (Kirk and unidentified female actress)
Star Trek match puzzle and word maze
Life Form letter change
Word Builder: Tribbles
Keyword Quiz

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