Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inheriting the Madness: An Appreciation of the SF Ouvre of Steve Ihnat

Well, the article is done...for now.

I had hoped to include quotes from Yvonne Craig about working with Ihnat, but no luck contacting her, and her interview in Starlog was useless for my purposes.

And I couldn't find any quotes on anyone working with him on The Inheritors...but I'll persevere in that direction.

Anyway, the complete article can be found at The Thunder Child: Inheriting the Madness

However, it must be said that that article is very graphics intensive, so I'm also going to break it up into two smaller articles, one on Star Trek's Whom Gods Destroy, the other on The Twilight Zone's The Inheritors.

For Whom Gods Destroy, check out:

and for The Outer Limits: The Inheritors:

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