Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New York, New York

I'm planning on going to Manhattan next week to see The Thirty-nine Steps on Broadway (written by Patrick Barlow), and they are having some Hitchcockian events going on which it would have been nice to see (see the 39 Steps website for details) but I just cannot believe the prices they're asking in Manhattan for hotels.

$299 on Sunday. $399 on Monday. For a room that I'll spend maybe 8 hours in, sleeping, that's it!

I checked out some hostels... and if you're willing to sleep 8 to a room you can get in there for $40 a night. I wouldn't mind that at all except I'll be going up with my laptop and a couple of cameras, and there's no way I'm going to leave them in a room with 8 people wandering in and out. In addition, I'm a very light sleeper and I need my sleep or I literally get sick, and who knows if one or more if these 8 people would be snoring or doing other things that would keep me awake all night...

So I'm bummed..it's going to be an expensive vacation... but heck, I deserve one!

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