Thursday, September 25, 2008


Words cannot express how P-Od I am at this exact moment...

A few months ago I invested a couple thousand dollars in Freddie Mac stock, when it was at $9, went up to $11, and I was expecting it to skyrocket.

Instead, as you all know, it tanked. I never sold the stock. I'd bought it with discretionary funds and though I didn't really want to lose it, it was an annoyance, not a disaster, and I was just gonna tough it out.

So it was down to 26 cents, then up to 43 cents, and I thought to myself, I've got to buy some more of this stock!

So, I tried to transfer funds from my checking account to my AIG account called Sharebuilder. Only, it didn't work. My bank had changed the routing number to my checking account, so the transfer didn't go through.

So I had no money in the account to buy shares at 43 cents each.

Today...the stock is at $2.46.

So if I'd bought $1,000 worth of shares, and been able to sell that particular stock today, I'd have trebled my money. (Which I would have sold right now, take my profits and ran!)

Instead.... the stocks that I'd purchased months ago for $9 to $11 - I've got 500 total shares - are now at $2.46...which of course doesn't make me happy.

Well...I'm hoping that the stock continues to go up... so I can at least recoup my original investment on those shares...

But I'd really like to be squeezing some people's throats at Suntrust right now!!!!

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