Monday, September 08, 2008

Blood Drips on the Seattle Post Awful

I do some freelance writing for a company out in Coure d'Aline, Idaho. (How long I continue to do it is problematical, as they are really, really starting to vex me.) I used to get paid via paypal, now for various reasons known only to my boss, I get paid via check. The mail goes from Cour d'Aline to the main post office in Seattle, where it then is supposed to come to me.

So the first check took 18 days to get here (Virginia) although the cancel stamp on it was such that it seemed like whoever had been supposed to mail it hadn't actually sent it out until a week later than what they said, otherwise, if they did mail it when they said, it sat in the Seattle Post Awful for a week before they did anything with it.

So the next check goes out, Priority Mail... and gets here in eight days. There wasn't a cancel stamp on it this time, so I wasn't able to see if the secretary had actually mailed it in a timely manner or what.

So, do I have a right to feel skeptical that it takes a letter, sent priority mail, 8 days to get from Seattle to YOrktown, VA?

Well, a few days ago I ordered Blood Drips on Newsies Square from a place in Los Angeles, CA. He sent it First Class. On Friday. And I received it today, Monday. That's 3 days that it took to get here. 3 bloody days!

If it takes 3 days for a First Class packet to get here from Los Angeles, you can't tell me it takes 8 days for a Priority letter to get here from Seattle. Even if the letter has to go from Cour D'ALine to Seattle first, that should add only one extra day to the transit...not 3 or more. So I'm more than ever convinced that the boss of this joint is having his secretary yank my chain. Seems a weird and childish thing for him to do (as well as her!)..but he does seem to be that kind of guy.

(Because, see, I'd been promised that I'd start getting paid via Direct Deposit. And I've been in email contact with this secretary on a regular basis throughout all this, and she never once told me that the whole company out there has yet to have direct deposit, (though it's supposedly been in the works for at least a month and probably more). So I'd spent all this time stressing out because I thought I was the only one not on Direct Deposit, and wondering why it could take all this time to get it going. If she'd just made it clear that the whole company didn't have it, I at least would have not been expecting to have it, either.

I'd emailed her last week asking for a status on the Direct Deposit thing, and she didn't bother to reply. So I emailed her on "payday" (5 Sept - why a company pays its employees on the 5th and the 20th I do not know) asking if there was an HR rep I could talk to about why it was taking so long to get me on direct deposit. So today I get an email from the HR rep, who pointed out, rather sarcastically towards me, the info that no one there had Direct Deposit, ya da ya da, and it will now take probably 2 months more to get it in gear. Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it. The whole company, from its boss downwards, seem to be incompetent and amateurish in what they do (and considering what they do, that is not a good thing!)

So...anyway... Blood Drips on Newsies Square.

I'll give that it's separate entry, just in case my loyal readers know better than to read me when I'm in full rant mode.

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