Sunday, September 02, 2007

Luke Skywalker's light sabre will go to the space station

News Bytes of the Week—Lightsaber to fly on shuttle
from Science News
a photo-op plucked straight from nerd heaven, a phalanx of Stormtroopers converged this week on Houston's William P. Hobby Airport to escort a NASA official carrying the lightsaber prop wielded by actor Mark Hamill in the 1983 movie Star Wars. The event was hatched to drum up press for the geek icon's scheduled flight to and from the International Space Station on board the shuttle Discovery in October, in celebration of the movie's 30-year anniversary, according to news reports. Chewbacca the Wookie jumped through hyperspace to California, where he handed the Jedi weapon to Roger Bornstein, director of marketing for NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, who then rendezvoused with representatives of the Dark Side in Texas. No word on whether space traitor Lando Calrissian was involved in the transaction. (NASA shuttle to launch Luke's lightsaber |

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