Friday, September 07, 2007

Isaac Asimov's prediction...

Many years ago, Asimov wrote an essay in which he predicted that one day, half the population would be entertaining the other half. Well, that day is here, now.

There's all sorts of videos on Youtube, MySpace and Google now, of people doing really, really stupid things which they think are clever (I'm not talking about the cute videos of animals doing funny things, but the disgusting videos of people getting drunk and vomiting, etc. etc.)

But what's got me a bit upset this morning is the fact that, on the ABC News website, there is a video of some woman being questioned about the death of her daughter, whom she had left strapped in a car seat for 7 hours last month while she was at her work as a principle in some school. Videos of grieving parents outside their home shouldn't be shown, but videos of people being interrogated in police stations certainly shouldn't be shown! Whatever happened to people's privacy?

As for moms or dads who leave their babies strapped into cars on hot days... don't people ever learn???? Not a summer goes by where this doesn't happen at least once! Since people are too stupid to look after their own kids, time for the government to step in and make it mandatory that cars put in some kind of alarm system that will ping very loudly if there's a weight in a car seat when the car door is closed, and there's no corresponding weight in the driver's seat.

I joke - I don't think the goverment should get involved. But perhaps baby seat manufacturers could do something along those lines...

And don't even get me started on the cop who left his police dog in a hot car for 11 hour. I hope he's sentenced to have to stay in a police car in the same conditions for 11 hours (wearing a fur suit, not allowed to pee) and see how he likes it.

Well, sorry for the off-topic rant, but people are getting to me today.

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