Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shada on BBC Radio 7

Shada is the famous Tom Baker Doctor Who serial that went unfinished because of a BBC strike. It has been redone for radio. Lalla Ward reprises her role as Romana, and Paul McGann does the Doctor. It's quite good, although of course I longed to hear Tom Baker in the role.

Anyway, first time I heard it, last year, it was 30 minutes once a day. This time around, they're playing two episodes a day, so you can hear the whole thing in just 3 days.

Also on offer, on Tuesday, is:

The Cabaret of Dr Caligari
The Homeless Who Ate London: London is in crisis as a people-eating Blob is let loose on the rampage. With Sylvester McCoy and John Woodvine.

The Cabaret of Dr. Caligari is an actual horror even though this might be interesting, I ain't gonna listen to it. (And of course Sylvester McCoy played a Doctor, but that's not enough to make me want to listen...I can take tongue-in-cheek horror, but I kind of think this is serious...)

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