Thursday, August 30, 2007

Re-create a famous 1950s sci fi film moment, win $$$

Film-makers and artists are invited to enter a contest to recreate any moments they please from any 1950s sci fi film!

Top prize $100, second prize $50, third prize $25, and of course all entries are profiled at The Thunder Child so that all contestants will get exposure for their work.

See the link for complete details!
If you're a film-maker or an artist, this contest is for you!

And yes, I did get the idea from the contest the MLB is running right now, for people to recreate famous moments from baseball history. Why should MLB fans have all the fun?

And on a similar note...heads bowed and pray to whatever diety you hold dear that Seattle Mariners Coach McLaren gets a clue and never, ever uses pitcher Rick White again, and platoons Ben Broussard with Richie Sexson for the rest of the season, if not benching Sexson altogether!!!!

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