Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Women's college basketball discussed on PTI!

Discussion of women's sports is not a thing you normally see on any major sports station, be it radio or TV, so I was pleased to see this:

Pardon the interuption link

The PTI folks discssing Pat Summitt's cancellation of The Game. The rivalry game between UConn and Tenn that had been going on for 9 years at least.

I'm a fan of Pat Summitt's, but I was a bigger fan before she did this. Not so much because she cancelled The Game... but because she won't say why! Thus leaving it out there for people to gossip and spread rumors....Oh, he must have done something terrible, when more than likely it's just because she "hates Geno's guts" (he is sarcastic) and doesn't want to play him any more.

If that's the case, just say so. But to leave everyone hanging, and free to gossip and speculate... not good.

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