Saturday, August 18, 2007


I've started an account at MySpace, just to see if there's any way to parlay the vast amount of people there into readers for The Thunder Child.

It's quite an education experience...MySpace is a social utility, i.e. a place for people to meet each other. The color on the pages is predominantly pink, so I assume the users are predominantly women? (Although my own favorite color is blue)... and the ads that you see are all devoted to the male/female sexual experience. (Do guys like it when women make the first move? We asked the guys, see what they had to say!)

However, unlike FaceBook, MySpace has thousands of groups to join, including several that are science related - marine biology, astronomy, etc. I can't do any posting to them for 7 days, however.

I joined up as Visitor X from Sirius... because I'm not really interested in using MySpace to meet people face to face...

I've started a blog called Micromegas, Micromegas Blog, which I will write in the guise of a visitor from Sirius to Earth, looking on at the follies of mankind. (A less sophisticated version of what Voltaire did with his short story Micromegas written several hundred years ago, in which a visitor from Sirius and Saturn came to earth to laugh at mankind's follies.)

I'm not quite sure how their blog function works... I shall post the link here and then see if it works...

Micromegas Blog

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