Friday, August 24, 2007

Rocky Jones, Space Ranger

Several months ago I picked up a dollar DVD at Walmart called Space Adventures, featuring 2 episodes of Rocky Jones (Escape into Space and Kips Private War) and Flash Gordon (The Lure of Light and The Subworld Revenge.)

And I've finally started watching them, beginning with Escape into Space.

It's an interesting episode, for all that it's obviously cheaply made - heck, it was 1954. But the principles involved... the criminal escapes into space where Rocky has no jurisdiction over him, and so - halfway through the episode - is letting him go his way, meantime Winky - Jones' sidekick - wants to knock him out, break a few laws, and bring him back to Earth.

What I thought was a hoot and a half was that in this episode, filmed in 1954, the ship has to outrun a meteor storm, so there's to be the crew fasten their seat belts!!! Common sense, eh? Yet in Star Trek, 12 years later, the crew do not have the luxury of seatbelts, and so when we get the turbulence they're always falling out of their chairs, or falling over the corridors (I hope in the re-digitized Star Treks that they change those "crew rolling first left and then right" shots to shots of the crew hanging on to rails or handholds alongside the corridor would make so much more sense...

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