Friday, August 24, 2007

Musical sci fi in New York in September

In September, 2007, two sci fi musicals will be in New York at the New York Musical Theater Festival.

The Brain From Planet X written by Bruce Kimmel and first produced in Los Angeles last year, will be on offer, as well as...

The Last Starfighter, last staged in 2004.

The Thunder Child reviewed the Last Starfighter soundtrack (produced by Kimmel's Kritzerland label) here.

Interestingly - just to show what a small world musical theater is, Noel Katz, whom we interviewed about his (and Tom Carrozza's) musical Area 51 , is also putting on a show there, although his isn't an Sci fi related one.

I'll be doing research on these shows for my sci fi musical theater database, and post that URL here later.

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