Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cast list for The Heart of Hark'un

This offering from BBC 7, first aired in 1991, must certainly be popular because I'm getting a great many hits from people searching the web for information on it. I'm assuming that these searchers are listening to it on BBC 7 and are searching for additional information.

If you're not listening to it, whoever you are, check it out at:

It's a 6 part fantasy serial, originally aired weekly, but BBC7 is airing it on a daily basis. You've got about 4 more days left to hear part 1, 5 to hear part 2, and so on.

It's a comedy drama, a complex plot with good characters, both male and female.

It's a lot of if you've never heard audio drama, give it a listen!

Apart from that, there's not a lot of info I can give about it, as I'm hearing it for the first time myself. The cast list isn't any help, because they just read the list of names without identifying who is playing who. But, for anyone who wants to know the cast list:

Francis Thompson
Trevor Peacock
Liz Whiting
Crawford Logan
Edward Kelsey
Melanie Hudson
Robert Portal
Nigel Carrington
Emma Fielding
John Church
Theresa Stetfield


John said...

Sorry to bother you, but on which radio station was this series originally broadcast?

jazzlord said...

Comedy? it's a very poor parody of all that Tolkien bollox. Better off listening to BBC Radio 4's Elvenquest...lots of larfs!