Monday, August 13, 2007

New book at The Science Bookshelf Blog

The Science Book Shelf is my new blog, in which I will list information and reviews about various science books that I read or intend to read. (The latter does not always match the former, I'm sorry to say.)

Anyway, the next book on my list is The Outlaw Sea, by William Langewiesche.

I've been watching Walt Disney's Tomorrowland 2-disc set, preparatory to writing an article about the space dreams of the 1950s. They're kind of fun but depressing, too, as there were such high hopes back then...none of which have really been achieved.

But I'll be doing further research into Willy Ley, Werner Von Braun, etc. Indeed, I've picked up a few of Ley's books on Amazon, for extremely cheap prices (the cost of postage 3 times the price of hte books themselves!), and am looking forward to them.

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