Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tragedy at Virginia Tech

A troubled (mentally ill) Korean-American student, Cho Seung-Hui, killed 33 innocent people yesterday, including himself, on the campus of Virginia Tech.

I just walked past someone listening to Rush Limbaugh a few minutes ago, and Limbaugh was urging everyone to just turn off their TVs for the next couple of days. He does this periodically - telling people to depend on him for news, because the "drive-by media" has their own agenda. (In this case, gun control).

And, in essence, he does have a point. I don't watch TV anyway, but on my computer my Google headlines kept changing, first 1 person killed, then 22, then 33...I just couldn't believe it.

Since I didn't watch the news I can't say for sure what was going on, but based on what happened when OJ Simpson went on his little jaunt in his SUV, the media were all over the campus... speculating on everything and making it sound like news even though it really wasn't.

Well, in this day and age that's what they have to do. There's no longer sitting around waiting until all the facts have been gathered - no, it's instantaneous "news" people want, and the truth suffers for it. I'd like newspeople to go back to reporting news, not going out and making it.

The news outlets on the net have been sharing the bios of some of the people killed... terrible losses, all of them. They made a point of saying Seung-Hui was a legal resident - and had been for 13 years. This is a good thing as normally whenever an illegal alien kills someone there's always people who say, "See, if we didn't let all these illegals in, this innocent person wouldnt' have been killed," conveniently forgetting that most people killed in the US are US born and bred, and wives killed by husbands or vice versa...

(Which is not to say that I don't think illegals should not be kicked out of this country. They should. Come in legally! Learn our language and customs. Blame must go to American businesses who have subsidized the process, however, and our government which has looked the other way.)

Anyway, now comes the issue of gun control. My own feeling is that if one of those other people had had a gun the rampage could have ground to a halt real quick...

My final statement is a plea... if you're getting to the end of your rope and feel like you have to end it all...please please please do some research and take some KNOWN drug dealers or rapists or murderers with you, not innocent people who just happened to be in your way as you're walking by.

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