Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Kraken Wakes by John Wyndham

Stephen Moore reads this book in 15 parts, starting (repeated) today at BBC Radio 7.

The story is quite good, but I must say I don't care for Stephen Moore's reading style. He doesn't do a good job with different character's voices, they all sound the same. .... although when the ship was trying to outrun the ABomb explosion in Chapter 7, he did get quite an amount of urgency into his voice that worked well.

Episode 1 of 16.
Stephen Moore reads John Wyndham's second novel. On their honeymoon cruise, Mike and Phyllis witness a strange phenomenon.

Episode 2 of 16.
The authories send down a probe to examine what might lie at the bottom of the sea. They get far more than they expected.

Episode 3 of 16.
The authorities are baffled when ships from three different countries disappear without trace.

Episode 4 of 16.
Two more atomic bombs are sent down into the deep but they fail to go off. Then the sea changes colour.

Episode 5 of 16.
Mike and Phyllis travel to their cottage in Cornwall, where they hear some disturbing news.

Episode 6 of 16.
Mike and Phyllis have friends to stay at the cottage, and realise the extent of disbelief at recent events.

Episode 7 of 16.
As hysteria subsides a little, a more concerted effort is mounted to counter the threat from beneath the waves.

Episode 8 of 16.
A bizarre occurrence on a Brazilian island sparks Mike and Phyllis' interest.

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