Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Paradise Lost...in Space - radio at BBC 7

First aired in 1995.

Paradise Lost ...in Space

Norman - Tony Robinson
Max - David Haig
Stella - Louise Lombard
Makarri - Michael Troughton
Captain Rossiter - Dan Strauss
Jane - Carla Donser (sp?)
Tony - Jeff McGivern
written by Colin Swash, produced by Richard Wilson

Episode 1 of 6.
Norman is an idealist with a hand grenade. Max is a cheerful bore. They will soon ruin the lives of some friendly aliens.

Episode 2 of 6.
A call from CID puts Max in a desperate position when he and Norman begin to sample the Oblivions' Sublime fruit.

Episode 3 of 6.
As the Oblivions have so much time on their hands, it couldn't hurt to introduce them to a game of tennis, could it?

Episode 4 of 6.
The dangers of tennis are now apparent to the Oblivions - but Martinis? What could possibly go wrong with Martinis?

Episode 5 of 6.
When Norman introduces the Oblivions to foreplay, one thing inevitably leads to another.

Episode 6 of 6.
The UME spaceship arrives at Oblivion dispensing culture to the aliens, and Norman and Max make a sacrifice.

Tony Robinson (most famous as Baldrick in the various Blackadder series)

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