Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Damn pointy-headed people

For about six months, or even longer, I've had links to my Lady Vols basketball site on Wikipedia page for Pat Summitt. Over the past 3 days I've gotten over 3,000 hits from that page! Well, it's all over now, as some officious twerp went in and removed the link. All that's left now are two links to official sites. So I guess fan sites aren't worthy of being listed on Wikipedia, that fine collection of truthful and trustworthy material...

And I had my own entry for The Thunder Child, a professionally published webzine, also for several months, and some officious twerp has decided to remove that as well! Irks me no end.

It's a pity Wikipedia is so popular - the page on Pat Summitt, for example, has practically nothing on it - which is why people went to my site to learn all about her. Should I put my biography of her on Wikipedia? I don't think so! So Wikipedia has deprived thousands more people the opportunity to learn about Pat Summitt, one of the greatest coaches of college basketball ever!

For those who'd like to check it out:

Biography of Pat Summit
Lady Vols: The WCBB Standard Bearers

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