Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lady Vols win record 7th title

The Lady Vols beat Rutgers relatively easily last night, bringing Pat Summitt her 7th championship in her 33 year career. It had been 9 years since her team last one, back when Chamique Holdsclaw was on the team, and they won three in a row. Candace Parker said she's coming back for another year - so there's a possibility that they might be able to repeat...and if Parker stays around it might be possible for a three-peat!

I watched the entire game. It started out slow and ugly, as no one could get the ball to go into the basket, but the Lady Vols set the tone early because they kept getting all the rebounds. And their rebounding superiority continued throughout the game.

I noticed on two occasions - but only two - that the refs let the Vols 'star' get away with something. She got 2 pts on what should have been an offensive foul, and Shannon Bobbitt ran over someone and the other girl was called for the foul. But overall it seemed like a cleanly called game (although the TV coverage never once showed a replay of *any* of the fouls so that watchers from home could see it in slow mo...)

Rutgers did seem to give up with 2 minutes to go, down 8. They should have played trapping defense, trying to force turnovers, but instead they just hung back and played regular defense. The announcers were puzzled about it, and I admit so was I. Throughout the year the Lady Vols had demonstrated that they didn't handle the ball well under very aggressive pressure....

But, it's a win.

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