Saturday, April 07, 2007

Journey Into Space: The World in Peril complete

Just begun on Saturday at BBC Radio 7...which means its going to take 20 weeks to finish this entry!!

Journey into Space
The World in Peril:

Episode 1 of 20.
Jet and the crew get back to Earth, only to find their problems just beginning. Classic sci-fi from Charles Chilton.

Episode 2 of 20.
World in Peril: Jet and Lemmy take a look at the asteroids around Earth. But as they get closer, a strange sound is heard.

Episode 3 of 20
Jet and his crew get on the trail of the alien visitors.

Episode 4 of 20.
The World in Peril: After an attempt on their lives, Jet and the crew race against time to get back to Mars.

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