Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Paradise Lost in Cyberspace - Complete

Begins on BBC Radio 7 on Tuesday, April 11, 2007 (Repeat from a few years ago.)

Paradise Lost in Cyberspace

Episode 1 of 6.
The future - everyone lives happily until they're 70. But due to a clerical error, George Smith is scheduled to die at 69.

Episode 2 of 6.
Lucky old George Smith. It's not everyone who has their own compulsory death broadcast on national television.

Episode 3 of 6.
Has George really escaped, or will his visit to Mrs Cookson return to haunt him?

Episode 4 of 6.
Armed with a new face, an array of OAP gadgets and help from Mrs Cookson and Andrea, George locates Big Jeremy in Central Admin.

Episode 5 of 6.
Now a fully fledged OAP, George goes on a mission with Andrea Sunbeam and Mrs Cookson. It does not go according to plan.

Episode 6 of 6.
The future of the OAPs and indeed the whole of civilisation hangs in the balance.

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