Monday, February 05, 2007

Time Hops (complete) and Doctor Who

BBC 7 re-runs the same stuff over and over again. This can be annoying when you've heard it all 3 times...however in my case I have missed stuff - I record things and, getting a bit careless, I sometimes miss episodes.

So, anyway, Time Hops begins again on Monday, and you can listen to it for 5 days before it drps off the radar.

Time Hops - complete
Once Upon A Time: A scientist mouse called Eek escapes from the future and enlists the help of three children to save her planet. Episode 1 of 5.

Killing Time: The children catapult further back in time and find themselves in deep water. Episode 2 of 5.

Time After Time: Steph stumbles across an unexpected part of the puzzle to help Eek in the mission to save her planet. Episode 3 of 5

Long Time No See: Time-hopping seems to have brought the children nothing but trouble. Could a dodgy robot really make things better? Episode 4 of 5.

Time's Up: The children are convinced that the 'man from the BBC' will help them. But is he really what he seems? Episode 5 of 5.

There's a new Doctor Who

Doctor Who
No More Lies: The Doctor and Lucie gatecrash a posh party, and get more than they bargained for. Namely vortisaurs and a crumbling spaceship.

Beyond the Vortex
Barnaby Edwards talks about the musical elements in 'No More Lies'. Episode 6 of 8.

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