Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sci fi on radio

BBC 7 has only one science fiction serial going at the moment, called Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson. It's not a dramatised play, simply a reading of the book. All five episodes (Monday through Friday) are now available for listening.

Doctor Who's Human Resources pt 1 is about to drop off the radio for Sunday.

Part 2 of Space Hacks begins tomorrow:
Space Hacks
Two Men and a Baby Alien: Charlie and Moog risk Korg's wrath when their mission to deliver his nephew to playgroup goes awry. Episode 2 of 4.
---Charlie and Moog are two reporters for an intergalactic news company. A comedy.
The only science fiction offering from Radio Spirits is every Wednesday, with their Superman serial. Right now its on Chapter 3 of Dr. Bly's Confidence Game.

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