Wednesday, February 14, 2007

1/3 of the world entertains the other 2/3

That was a prediction of Isaac Asimov in one of his essays. I can't bring to mind which one at the moment, but it was in one of his earlier essays from 1960-1963, and I do have it listed in the quote book... (

The reason I bring it up is because he prediced that pre 1964, and today, 41 years later, his prediction has more than come true. People put all kinds of crap up on Youtube, from film of themselves vomiting in a toilet because they're too drunk to stand up, to singing, to sex. And people *watch* this pablum.

Then of course there's the reality shows. And the talk show crap with Maury Povich, where people who would do better to fix their lives in private so it doesn't humiliate their children instead air their disgustingly dirty laundry on TV for audiences around the world to *laugh* at.

And then of course there is the circus that is the death of Anna Nicole Smith. More men claiming to have had affairs with her are coming out of the woodwork claiming to be the father of her baby - and you know they're doing it because of the prospect of getting those billions of dollars of her fortune that the baby *may* inherit - when she's old and grey and all her "dad's" have passed away and the lawyers have finally sucked the well dry.... she might get a few thousand out of it when all is said and done...

So, on to the much cleaner worlds of BBC Radio Listen again, where all this week you can hear: Pattern Recognition. It began on Monday, and that ep will be available for 3 more days before dropping off.

Meanwhile, I listened to the first episode of The Mauseleum Club and found it quite amusing, a pastiche on The Invisible Man called The Inaudible Man.

The Sunday Doctor Who, part 1 of Human Resources, is about to drop off, so if you haven't listened to it yet be sure you do so.

Also on Monday, you can hear Terry Pratchett in a 4-year old interview about his 4th Discworld book Mort, which is pretty interesting.

Pattern Recognition
Lorelei King reads this very 21st Century detective story by 'the godfather of cyberpunk', William Gibson. Episode 1 of 5.

Pattern Recognition
Cayce travels to Tokyo in search of the maker of the online footage. Episode 2 of 5.

Doctor Who
Human Resources: Lucie Miller starts her first day in a new job. Or does she? Is it possible that her time with the Doctor was merely a daydream? Episode 1 of 2.

Beyond the Vortex
Nick Briggs explains how to sound like a Cyberman, without first going through the painful process of conversion. Episode 7 of 8.

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