Friday, February 09, 2007

"Anna Nicole charmed us"

That's one of the headlines on my Google home page today. Where do they get that crap, I wonder. I had and have no interest in the woman. Indeed, she embodied all that is wrong with women today - marry for money, put your life on TV so everyone can look at it, etc. If she hadn't been in a fight to get billions of dollars from her dead husband's estate - no one would have given her a second look. That's another embodiment of all that's wrong with American culture today. No talent, no intelligence - but if you've money and look good naked, guys'll fawn all over you.

Anna Nicole Simpson died a couple of days ago. Autopsy yet to have occurred, but at the age of 39 how else could she have died except by drug overdose - much as her son did one year ago. She leaves a baby girl - and only a paternity test can tell who the father is. That's a nice thing for a girl to grow up knowing - her mother was so careless with birth control and so popular withthe guys that she has no idea who the father of her child is. Kind of like those crap shows with Maury Povich, or whatever - now we realize it's not just the poor and uneducated who ruin their lives - the rich and uneducated can do it just as well. (Or, in the case of Denise Nowak, the very well off and very well educated.)

Anyway, Simpson's claim to fame is that when she was 26, she married a man who was 89. Not coincidentally, I'm sure, this guy was a billionaire. He died 2 years later, and I guess didn't leave a will, or something - at any rate legal battle was enjoined at once as Simpson tried to get his fortune for herself. I know only the barest details about it because I thought it was a terrible story then and I think it's a terrible story now. Good riddance.

Anyway, end of rant.

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